4th Annual NCOA Football Coaches and Officials Meeting

TIME: 7:00p —  
SPEAKERS: Steve Coover, CIF State Rules Interpreter
Al Hooker, League Commissioner
TJ Ewing, Monterey Trail Coach
James Adams, Rocklin Coach
NCOA North representatives, Official
NCOA South representatives, Official
Bryan Hay, Pac 12 Official
Mike Pereira, NFL Official & Fox Sports Rules Interpreter
  We hope as many coaches and officials as possible can attend this meeting in attempt to get all parties involved on the same page going into the 2022 season.
ZOOM: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/82299034541
MEETING ID: 822 9903 4541
DATE: Tue, May 17
HOURS: 1 or 2
  NCOA South Members, please type your name in the chat window so that we can give you credit for attending. Thanks!
CONTACT: Steve Reichmuth
  President, 2022
  NCOA South Football Division